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Mathilde et Christine
vous invitent au vernissage* de leur exposition
( Ma + Chr )

le jeudi 15 janvier 2009 à partir de 19h30 au Xème - 75010 Paris

* Ambiance musicale assurée par ( Cha )

▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴ whouhoo wouhoo
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Hello tout le monde !
Jeudi prochain, si vous êtes sur Paris, je participe à l'exposition ... :

Monsieur Mystère
Une exposition du collectif Studiobüro
du 31 janvier au 17 février 2007

Chacun des illustrateurs et graphistes porte à la connaissance du
public l'énigme «Monsieur Mystère» et dresse le portrait robot de cet
Un cabinet de curiosités fait de photographies, correspondances,
images, objets, faits divers, message codés, lettres anonymes, petites annonces…

Vernissage le jeudi 1er février 2007 à partir de 19h
Suivi d'une soirée schyzo-électro-rétro au lait de poule au Nouveau Casino
à partir de 22h (10 euros - 5€ après minuit) avec :
Zombie Zombie - elektro-Kraut vintage et analogique avec Etienne Jaumet
des Married Monk (synthés et theremin) et Neman de Herman Düne (batterie et voix)
+ Drahomira Song Orchestra (collages sonores et visuels)
+ DJ sets :  Dimitri Plays, Luz, Sachs, Renardo Crew, Le Vieux Thorax…

infos :
et sur Monsieur Mystère :…
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Some months ago i wanted to sell my little handmade book "Dugenou"
I've got 3 copy to sell at my new Etsy Shop :…


other places to try…
thanks you all for the links !
(if you know other websites like or better ETSY please tell me, i'm curious)
Well i see my taxidermy thing doesn't inspire you ....
that 's ok !

Let's introduce some people instead :

Hello everybody ,
it's time to go back to school .
SO I have a new project - at school- it is about "taxidermy"
And this is why i will need some help .
What i want to  do is  a portrait serie of people in their own house , with their dead animals ( one or several )  near them.

I know some people who have some , but not many, so, if you would like to help me by taking a photo of you or people who 've got some at their home thank you very much  : )

These are the first of the serie  :

I'd like that the animals stay in their place, and that people stand near them more seriously or more "formal" , with the head and the feet .

I hope my english is not to bad.
And it would be great if you can help me !
thank you in advance

So this last sunday i exhibited some of my work at the sous la plage festival with julien drahomira
I met many people, and some from Deviantart !
it was a very good experience to show our work to people we don't know. very exiting .
Here are some pictures from this little exhibition




I have printed my book called "dugenou"
you can see here  the pictures .
I'd like to know if some of you would be interested to purchase it
i don't know the price yet,  it will depends of the number of book i plan to sell.

Dugenou 08 by mathilde :thumb17613115: Dugenou 06 by mathilde Dugenou 05 - refrain by mathilde Dugenou 04 by mathilde Dugenou 02 by mathilde Dugenou 01 by mathilde dugneou 03 by mathilde

I feel better now, and i just finished my new personal website
Put it in your bookmarks !
I'm here but not here at the same time,
so thank you for all the comments i 'll be back soon when i ll feel better .
:halfliquid:Back from Brussel with drahomira where we met yhancik !
it was very nice :beer: cheers…

:halfliquid:I added some of my "Dugenou serie" pictures on sale in my printaccount avalable soon ! :halfliquid:



Wed Apr 6, 2005, 11:19 AM
Do you know why i can't see the website buttons on deviantart pages ?

> this is the new website i made for an association .
I'd like to have your opinion !

> Ok now i'm searching for an english teacher !
I discovered recently the Skype program and i think it would            be nice to talk with someone who speak english .
I need to progress, my accent is terrible.
It can be more interesting if you want to learn french in the same time ...
So if you are not afraid by the french accent, and by me ;
Send me a note .
:gummybear: Happy new year!  ( yes it's quite late : ) )

:gummybear: >>>!!!! My website 's got a NEW new adress :
put it in your bookmarks : fr  > no more adds at all for ever  !

:gummybear: I still have a gallery  on hinah exhibitions &n…;!
:thanks: thank you lorseau

:gummybear: and i'm going to put some of my images here when i'll have the time ( soon please )
Tell me if you would like to see something special in prints in my gallery : )



Mon Dec 6, 2004, 2:57 PM
thanks to the kindness of a-t-o-m-i-c I have a print account
SO : ) that's a beautiful chritmas present thank you very much : )
Tell me if you would like to see something special in prints in my gallery : )

Oh yeah >
Not finished yet ... but soon
don't forget to click on the hamster,  
I'll be happy if you let me a message : )
I'm in holidays .
I feel like i always talk about holidays in my my journal  -
Today i bought a beautiful jacket and i loose 2 of my teeth .
I work on a future website
I hope to show you soon
See you : *
Hello everyone
I'm back - i think -
I'm back to school
and it takes me lot of my time and most of my energie
I'll try to work for myself , and show you my works

Thank you again and again for your great support  !
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