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my first video experiment in collaboration with my dear *drahomira
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lovedies-hard Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2008
I like it. It's eccentric and well put together. Well done!
LeviticusMky Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2006
I really like this, it is quite a sensory experience. The forward/backward of it is interesting too, a new layer that the flash player imparts to the already interesting video footage. Looks like it took some time to edit!

I'm assuming that you Put your video files into flash to gt them on this site? I've been thinking of doing the same thing, any tips on the process?
hogwash Featured By Owner May 24, 2005
this is very nice, why don't you make a video clip for my indie rock band?
bashijiou Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2005
hmm, this video should have a title. but since you described it as an experimental video, then quedos to that.!
very 'requiem for a dream' sequencial screens and sounds. pretty aromatic colours.
hope to see more of these :]
antiheroe Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2005
nice !
selquet Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2005
this loops so well, even within it's self, and the sounds, and the overlays, it's all got a perfect spinning rhythm. great work!!
stigmatattoo Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
K-A-F-roS Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2004
It's amazing!
You earned a fav!
thitasigma Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2004
wow... thats so great...
hogwash Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2004
very nice :) your style is perfect for musical videoclips
jimfear Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2004
What i love about this video is that it's very hard for me to follow the loop.
ajd Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
i cant get it to load -cries-

i'll try another day.
jonefe Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2004
i'm totally in love with this.
lilgreenbutton Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2004
I love it! I wish there were more of these types of film... or now you can just make more for me to watch.:)
TreLore Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2004
For-W-Art Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2004  Professional Interface Designer
Very nice.

I like all the little open/close elements that are in it if that makes anny sense.
The blending if the image works fine up here I think I don't got the feeling annything is forced, the sounds add a nice rhythmical touch to it.

As far as I'm concerned it wins the DA-oscar award.
theopera Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2004
this remember me the ring ;)
littletroublegirl Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2004   Writer
c'est joli, mais je n'ai pas le son sur mon ordinateur et vu les commentaires ça a l'air handicapant pour apprécier cette vidéo à sa juste valeur.
kenny442 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2004
tu fais trop ta belle avec ta barre de prechergement T_T ( moi j'arrive pas a les faire : P )

bon sinon c'est vraiment bien, surtout les sons
baltazart Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
it's very good:D i love the envyronment and the orange tones:!:
hundertdavid Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2004
It was quite crappy living in the States with the 12h-system, am, pm, is there anything more stupid... well... ok yeah... but almost not. A whole half a year without 22:22 :'( So it feels good being back.
I loaded the film with my 55.6k modem, so see that as a honor & I liked it! Especially that you had DJ-Shadow-music in it... until I noticed that I had'nt turned off iTunes... Hmm, either my stupid american side or the swedish, I can not say...

hmm... a bit too much about myself (sigh, as always :-/ ) & not to much about the piece of art.. oh well... Nice done you & *drahomira
ghaib Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2004   Writer
Nice concept. You gotta do a better thing with the sound... I like he background talk... You have to use the quality (bad quality, from webcam or digicami guess?) to tell the story or carry the story in a certain direction. Most importanty (for short films), you need a linear storyline, if the story is slow, you need something of the opposite, then run two stories i one film. That way, the viewers will never be bored, and allways follow. Take a looka my movie for the 2004 Copenhagen VideoMarathon, ( an contest where you have to film a documentary and edit it in 24 hours) [link] , The subject this year was "terror". I was nominated along with 11 others, out of 440.

Nice job, keep it up
cainodesign Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2004
very cool!
zerodeconduite Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2004
multi exposure overload
SubterfugeMalaises Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
holy crap.. this is just great.. i love this.. loving the style.. and the sounds.. and the color.. mm mm.. makes one look at it over and over to figure out whats really goin on..
strych9 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
that's great. first experiment?
buzukie- Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2004
heh, thats cool! i really like the sounds and the trivial nonsense. what an outdoor movie in that style?
buzukie- Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2004
oh. one suggestion: i think it would be cooler if draho would move in a more natural way.. like you do it in every day life and not so robotic.
76dragons Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2004
if this is the first i can't wait for the next one ...:)
tell what software did you use for this?
was it all flash or was there any premiere?

jonefe Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2004
you rule.
kakar Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2004
this is just so great
lyalyalya Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2004
this is really neat!
brek3 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2004
very nice, i am into video 2, nice, like a day in the life of... inspiring, thx!
falseimagery Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2004
prismes Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2004
fragments de vie quotidienne en visuel comme en sonore, ça fonctionne vraiment très bien ! je suis fan du son du tube qu'on débouche :D
stifled Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2004
I love it, the sounds are fun...
iworewaterwings Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2004
jjjjj'aime tout les sons
patamelie Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2004
Well done, I really like it!!!
It reminds me The Sims!
mathilde Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2004
Sorry, you have to wait a little while because it's a rather big file : /
guirnaldo Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2004   Photographer
freaky :p wanna see more closely, again...
J4n3T Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
very nice:!: well done:!: :clap:
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